Dear Emke,

After the quite exhausting day at the beach yesterday in the merciless sun I am sitting inside wondering how to transform the tight hug of the sand cocoon into some other material. In a time of distance the material cannot be human arms, torsos, hands which in other times would be the first thought that comes to mind. 

Hmm… it must be something different. Maybe something that can be bought for the budget money? Something that can create warm and waterproofed cocoons for the audience in case of bad weather. 
I guess plastic is a no go and also life jackets and heating blankets but maybe stretch fabric in the color red? Could you help me test how to make a cocoon that can encapsulate another human body? Torso, arms and legs are cocooned. Head and feet are free. 

NB. The test does not have to be done at the beach, but preferably another human person (rather than you) is cocooned.

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