Dear Emke,

The finding of the big piece of red cloth yesterday was exciting. So was the experience of swaddling! It made it difficult to sleep.

When I finally fell asleep in the heat I dreamed of red cocoons on the vast beach of Terschelling. A line of people standing upright on the beach each in their red cocoon connected by a red line of cloth. The wind caught the red line between the cocoons and made the line sway like the sail on a boat.


Then the point of view switched, and I was suddenly one of the cocooned people. I was standing in this red cocoon – my torso from beneath my butt up to my shoulders was covered in red cloth. Two meters away from me on my left side another person was standing also cocooned. The same sight met me on my right side. Between us a red line of cloth stretched out, marking the distance between us (the same distance, I think, as in the supermarkets’ queue during these pandemic times). 
In our cocooned solitude we were woven together by the red piece of cloth and through this weaving our physical bodies had become one object. Believe it or not the line of weaving was actually made of one long piece of cloth.


If one of us standing in the line leaned away from the others, all of our cocoons would tighten. This was how connected we were. As one long red line we were standing in front of the enormous sea at the endless beach of Terschelling each of us embraced by a red cocoon that tightened when distance between us grew bigger.


Waking up I thought about the dream. If this kind of cocooned interdependence between people were possible to try out… lying in the morning light on the couch I felt that I had to explore the dream, although it might be a detour and I might have to pursue the swaddling.

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