Dear Emke,

The beach as a magnifying glass. Today I woke up with yesterday’s question how could you stay in my mind, and I don’t have an answer. To be honest, today I feel quite empty. I love the swaddling, I love the thought of people getting buried in the sand with only their heads sticking out and I love the red strings of cocoons but it seems like the landscape and the short amount of time before Sunday wants something different. I feel split between tomorrow’s sharing and the longing for taking my time in the process and reconnecting with the landscape and the situation – maybe taking a day off to allow the work to settle in my subconscious.
The weather on Terschelling and on Strandpaal 18 is so present and changes so much…. It feels like there must be two options – depending on the weather?

If possible, I want to return to the swaddling. Maybe it is possible to place the person being swaddled on a bedsheet/towel like when sunbathing?

If it’s windy I would like to sit on the beach, maybe on a towel. I will be covered with the big red piece of cloth like a tent listening to a quiet song on my phone. At some point I will leave the tent and draw a circle in the sand. I would like to write the words ‘I will be here for awhile’ and place myself standing in the middle of the circle facing the sea and the watchtower.

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