Dear Naja,

Yesterdays exploration was interesting. The place felt quiet in a way, breathing in before manifesting something. I enjoyed looking at the old buildings, in the way a tourist does, because they are different from my ‘normal world’. 

Today I would like to look less from the outside with my tourist eye. I would like to find out whose fear is sitting on the turquoise wall. Like in a detective: Who wrote it? What is the perpetrator afraid of: what is the word on the wall telling us? Is it coming from the man in the wheelhouse? From someone living in Holmen? Probably I won’t find the direct source, but looking for it in the most serious way will hopefully facilitate a different way of moving through the area.

Fear, as I understand, is always in between the now and the future of something, probably related to a history of loss. Trying to find the source of fear I hope to get to know the character of the area better.

I would also like to take care of the fear in a way, don’t know how yet, maybe with a small ritual?

ps: I also realized that I was the only non-man walking there, of the human beings, maybe there were more amongst the doves.

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