Other Senses

Dear Naja,

Yesterday was a day filled with stories about the history and the future of Trosvikstranda, told by the shop owners. Not one of them recognized the fear on the wall, most of them were not even interested. They seemed to be very different characters, yet sharing an unconcerned feeling about the future. The fear belongs to someone else.
I had presupposed that the imminent changes of the place would come with all kinds of difficult feelings, but, at least with the shop owners, these were absent. Almost automatically I make up myths about future (mainly) and history, and before entering these myths again – I would like to understand what the place is NOWI would like to get to know it better without projections. I need to go there again, be present. As a strategy to enter another character layer of the place, I would like to use other senses besides sight and hearing: I would like to feel the touch of the place, smell the smell and taste the taste of it. In order to catch all these things I will probably be moving around very differently, probably closer to the ground. I might need suitable clothing.

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