Dear Naja,

Oof, that was a nice day in Fredrikstad yesterday. I had the feeling that I really ‘landed’ in the place. I enjoyed simply being there, with my feet on the raft. This morning I woke up thinking about the stones. I am so curious what they are made of. I felt it was a mysterious moment: the moment that I discovered that they were not what I thought they were, that they consisted of something else.

Imagine that they are not the only things around that appear to be something, but are made of something else. That other parts of history – maybe even of the future – are clumping together in something that looks like a stone, a moss, a flagpole, a rain barrel!

Today I would like to do an exercise. I would like to try to re-see/re-imagine Trosvikstranda in this way. To carefully re-see some of the things there. What snippets of history or future could they also be made of? And how would I discover these? The ‘stones’ changed when I touched them. They felt different from how I expected them to be based on my sight.

To inspire myself and collect ‘possible material’ I might feed myself with some reading on the history or future of Fredrikstad, but, as I know me, I should keep it extremely limited! This could be something to spend too much time on. (Plus: history is so much more than is testified about.)

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