Dear Emke,

Today you have been at the 1000 steps museum of ‘I am other than I appear’ and you feel excited. It seems like the last days of exploratory and imaginative work has created a new map of the tenderloin of Fredrikstad.

Since you are going to share your process with guests tomorrow (the weather forecast predicts rain and gusts of strong wind, so you are hoping there will be guests…) you decided to re-see the area in the optics of the days that have passed. Through a short explanation you turn each thing into something other than what it appeared to be.

As you take a round, you name the objects in your museum as they are now:

Car shop // A building that will disappear

Trosvikstranda // One of the first official street names

Granite sculpture // Software Company elected company of the year 1994

Empty white building // Home of mould

Parking space // One of 295 parking spaces

Low bushes // Shortcut for someone to somewhere

Open square // Dinner table for doves (possibility to dance with birds)

Pavement // The river Evja (running under your feet)

Terrace in front of the boat shop // Hang out for people who like sun with others (occasionally a place to meet the police) 

Blue wall // Somewhere to write your inner hopes and fears in invisible ink 

‘Stones’ // Remnants of the past

Green/blue raft // The movement and passing of Glomma and time

It didn’t get as sci-fi as you might have hoped for and maybe not a novelty for people knowing the area more intimately but you still feel quite excited.

Attracted to yesterdays’ sound clips you find a sound bite of houses being demolished. The sound is so vivid that you decide to bring it with you into the museum. Sounds of the future that will accompany the guests’ last steps in the area as the circle is being closed.

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