Dear Naja,

I noticed that I found myself in Trosvikstranda with a lot of thoughts in my head yesterday. I had a plan to begin with, but I got slightly carried away by the philosophical implications. Past, future, now. The birds offered some consolation.

I’ve been exploring Trosvikstranda in different ways during the last few days. Again and again I am reminded of my expectations and assumptions, as things appear differently to what I initially believe them to be. On the first day I have expectations about the ‘changing place’. On the second day I had an assumption about the fear, but the reality was different, I didn’t find fear of the future there. Then I discovered the past of the place in the ‘stone’ by touching it – something so different to what I had been looking at.

Although a part of me loves to keep my meandering mind, my open presence, I feel that I found something when I saw the stones: a thought in a physical form. What if more ‘things’ that I see around me are in fact made of a material other than what I assume? And the material comes from past or future? The stone as merely a metaphor of the place. I would still like to do an exercise where the expectation, the assumption, the past and the future come together in the now. 

Today, I imagine a walk through the area, passing different ‘objects’ that I’ve come into contact with during the past days, that seem one thing but could be another. Trosvikstranda as a 1000 Steps Museum – ‘I am also something other than what I appear to be’.

And now, thinking of the immediate future: tomorrow, when there will be a shared moment at 2pm. This might be a tryout for the future audience?

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