To be Here Now

Dear Naja,

Today I woke up feeling the excitement of yesterday.

During the week I had been wondering: what is my role here? What can I offer, being a stranger here, now, in this place? What can I add?

I feel that the most authentic gift is to offer a portrait of the area as I experience it now, with all its twists and turns, and I guess that is exactly what I am doing. Let’s see now how the weather twists the area again (or not).

For today I would like to see if it is possible to document the 1000 steps museum that Trosvikstranda is, so that it can be a gift to future inhabitants. So that in their now, our now can resonate. Maybe it’s too big of an extra task, then I will drop it ofcourse, because today I would like to minimize stress in order to enjoy as much as I can. 

I would like to be here now, be present during the presentation, and also before and after it, as much as possible. That is my biggest longing for today.

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