Dear Rita,

I think this might have been the best part of your day today…

You aren’t wearing the ‘right’ clothes to move in but that’s ok. At first there is some resistance, maybe tiredness and it also takes time to find music – you decide to put i-tunes on random select so that you do not have to make the choice. Very quickly you feel energised and it’s almost as if the studio is also warming up, coming alive. Your legs are a bit stiff but the rest of you moves easily and freely and takes the space. There is a moment when you imagine dancing and dancing for days but thirty minutes is the time it takes. You like the brushing sounds your feet make on the wooden floors..the floors also creak now and then. You notice how quickly thoughts and feelings come and go. You feel all the uncertainty and the chaos and the fear and the mess of a world in crisis. At some point you even feel angry – it is hard to tell what it’s really about but you feel it constricting your throat.

It was a very good thing to have done. You should consider doing it more often.

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