Quiet morning

Dear Rita,

This morning you had a chance to watch the sunrise over the hill:

You go outside while the world is mostly still asleep. There is some smoke in the distance (probably people making fires to warm up and to cook). Anyway, the sun suddenly appears and shines straight onto your face, and you close your eyes as it is blinding, (but the warm brightness also feels good). After about ten or fifteen minutes you come inside and you pour some coffee into a small glass. You have to heat the milk. You sit on the couch and watch hundreds of dust particles caught in a beam of sunlight. You think about particles. You like that word  p a r t i c l e s.

You watch those tiny particles floating around for about ten minutes, usually invisible but now made visible by a beam of light shining through a gap in the shutters outside.You sip your coffee. You are interrupted but you let the interruption come and go. You are slightly irritated by it as this is your quiet morning time. Besides watching the dust particles, you think about ‘then’ & ‘now’ and you look forward to a whole day ahead.

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