The sea

Dear Rita,

I had been postponing this trip to see the sea, or rather trying to work out the best way, well actually, the best view at a time when it’s illegal to go to the beach. Eventually I realised that one can simply cycle towards the coast (even though also illegal), and I thought of a possible track which would lead closer to the sea:

The day is grey with a cold wind. You cycle along the gravel road with the wind hitting your face. You suddenly wonder whether the sea would be visible with all the clouds, but you continue. At first you go to the best viewpoint where you can watch the sea rolling out forever and hear the crashing rumbling sound made louder by the wind. After a short while you realise that the fence in between you and the view makes the watching feel a little trapped (if I can put it that way) so you cycle and find another road winding towards a small cottage and into the hills. You find a new place which is much more open and you sit down on the rough, short, prickly grass and watch.

A big silvery grey mass moving endlessly, reflecting the shadows of the clouds. Towards the horizon the sea becomes lighter, almost white, and you think you can smell the sea but you aren’t sure as the damp plants around you also smell strong.

It was so good to be alone in this big open landscape watching the sea, despite wondering what would happen if I was caught.

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